We prioritize meeting the demands of our clients.

Harvien makes investments in R&D while putting the needs of its clients first. To promote plants’ natural growth, we provide bio stimulants and incredibly potent plant nutrition solutions.

The agronomist team tests the items that our research team develops in the fields. The bio stimulants and plant nutrition solutions from Harvien are of the highest caliber and effectiveness thanks to this process.

We offer the top solutions.

We create cutting-edge formulation and plant nutrition technologies. Through our work in research and development, Harvien is constantly expanding to achieve high-quality, competitive, and sustainable agriculture.

We are at the forefront in research and development. We have the best laboratory technologies for research into formulae that help improve our products.

Thanks to our new R+D+I Department, we can conduct the relevant research to adapt formulae to the needs of our customers’ fields; we also foster our own research into new products and applications and strengthen collaboration with research centers and universities.

We have high quality standards that enable us to manufacture for numerous multinational companies in the sector.

We research to improve and innovate.

The quality seals that we possess award us high quality standards, meaning we carry out a lot of work for third parties.

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