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A Canadian company of cutting-edge technology applied to agriculture

Since 2000, we have worked hard with our high yield and sustainable agriculture method to win over both our farmers and our country.

More than 45 nations have purchased HARVIEN products during the past two decades. Having a global presence has enabled us to gain vast knowledge and experience in the field across all agricultural contexts. In every consultation we conduct, we make this master’s degree available to all our clients.

Since the inception of our business, we have been dedicated to offering cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions for agriculture, including crop protection, weed control, pest control, and fertilization.

Investigating the quality and quantity of the harvest is important for the ongoing improvement of crops. At HARVIEN, productivity and high farmer profitability always go hand in hand with sustainability and care for the environment.

They all enhance the plant’s quality, development, and productivity, leave no residue on the ground, and are environmentally benign.

At HARVIEN we manufacture top-quality fertilizers and plant protection products thanks to the constant hard work of our staff and technical team comprised of agronomists, chemists, and engineers, always at the forefront in research and in constant technological evolution in the field of the manufacture, handling, and distribution of our chemical products.

Over 22 years’ experience, dedication and presence in our sector enable us to offer one of the most complete ranges of fertilizers and crop protections on the market, which means we can meet the nutritional demands of all crops in the various stages of development. To help keep your crops healthy, we also have an extensive range of plant protection products that are a must for your farm.

Adapt to keep growing

Harvien has recently devoted a lot of time and energy to R + D + I in order to advance agriculture. In order to manufacture fertilizers and plant nutrition solutions that are more and better able to meet our customers’ needs, we must conduct ongoing research and be continually innovative.

These concepts have been incorporated by Harvien, which has tailored its laboratory and business to meet market demands for high-value products.

  • A biotechnology department has been added to Harvien’s departments, along with an agricultural microbiology laboratory, a multi-crop greenhouse for experimentation, and a test field.
  • New equipment has been purchased to give scientists and agronomists the resources they need to develop cutting-edge agriculture.
  • It has been necessary to build a highly specialized infrastructure in the Harvien plant capable of manufacturing high quality enzymes and metabolites that enrich its goods in order to study new solutions based on microbiology and natural extracts.

  • Since Harvien, we believe that investing in human potential is the best use of human resources. Biochemists, Chemists, Biologists, and Engineers combine many professions in this way to produce technical innovation for the business.


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