Cutting-edge technology for contemporary sustainable agriculture

Delivering products that benefit customers is how HARVIEN sets itself apart. We have well-defined active substances, and our strict Quality Control / Quality Assurance processes have produced a track record of consistently high-quality products. Whether used alone or in conjunction with conventional chemistry as part of an integrated program, our products’ biological effects are quantifiable and consistent.

In the fields of biological screening, plant physiology, entomology, microbiology/fermentation, formulation development/application technologies, product development, regulatory, manufacturing, and QC manufacturing, HARVIEN has extensive expertise. The ISO 9001 certification of our facilities ensures that our goods and services meet the highest standards.


Advanced chemistry tools include automated flash chromatography, a microwave reactor, HPLC, NMR, a spray chamber/hood, and a LIMS are available at the HARVIEN Research Center in Alberta. Our laboratory researchers and the global field R&D team may choose the top innovative products for field testing and commercial development thanks to the capabilities of this facility.

Plant extracts, microorganisms, and biochemical metabolites are all included in the range of our services and development efforts. The goal of our product development efforts is to satisfy market demands with low-risk solutions that are environmentally friendly.

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