Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms

The goal of HARVIEN is to develop technology platforms that will help it maintain and expand its market-leading biorational portfolio. The three categories that HARVIEN uses to categorize its technology platforms are Seed/Seedling, In-Season, and Postharvest.

Root control and Physiological Seed Enhancement are features of the Seed/Seedling platform. Current products concentrate on agronomic crops, but future versions are projected to cover a far wider variety.

Crop Health/Vigor/Yield Enhancement, Insect Management, Disease Management, and Crop Stress Management are all included in the In-Season platform. These products can be used on a variety of crops, such as vegetables, tree fruit, tropical fruit, nuts, and vines. HARVIEN is a leader in agricultural biorational crop protection and biological crop enhancement (Crop Health/Vigor/Yield Increase) (Insect Management).

Postharvest Treatments for Disease Management, Quality Preservation, and Shelf-life Extension are included in the postharvest platform.

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