Sustainability is the practice of using natural resources responsibly today, so they are available for future generations tomorrow.

At Harvien, we are dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of the food chain, empowering farmers to increase productivity, and addressing global hunger. By balancing nutrient demands, upgrading pest control techniques, and implementing technology to enhance resource usage efficiency and boost farm profitability, our business solutions are closely integrated to drive sustainability across the farming value chain.

To strengthen our connections and carefully protect our environment and ecosystem, we work with the local communities. To develop talent, we advocate for an inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important?

Given the breadth of the field of sustainability, graduates and students can get insights into the majority of facets of the human condition, including business, technology, the environment, and the social sciences. Particularly in a contemporary society seeking to significantly reduce carbon emissions and find and create the technologies of the future, a graduate’s key talents are highly sought for. Along with the hard sciences, sustainability makes use of politics, economics, philosophy, and other social sciences. As companies work to comply with new regulations, sustainability expertise and environmental awareness are prioritized in many corporate professions at the graduate level and above. Graduates in sustainability will thereby enter a variety of professions, but the most popular ones are civic planning, environmental consulting (for the built and natural environments), agriculture, not-for-profit, business strategies, health evaluation and planning, and even law and decision-making. The number of entry-level positions is increasing, thus recent bachelor’s graduates should anticipate an increase in possibilities and chances in the future years.

One of the newest degree programs, sustainability aims to bring together social science, civic engineering, environmental science, and cutting-edge technology. When we hear the phrase “sustainability,” we frequently associate it with finding alternative energy sources, cutting carbon emissions, preserving the environment, and maintaining the delicate ecosystems of our world. In a nutshell, sustainability aims to preserve our natural environment, ecological balance, and human health while fostering innovation and maintaining our way of life. Because of this expanding need

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