MECTOVEN® is an insecticide – acaricide classified as Group 6 according to its mechanism of action


  • Treatment of Liriomyza trifolii; Tetranychus urticae and spp.

General Info


Ornamental Plants- Galerineğı: Spraying is started as soon as the first gallery symptoms are seen. If necessary, spraying can be repeated. There should be an interval of at least 7 days between two sprayings.

Tomato, pepper, cucumber, eggplant- red spiders: In tomatoes and peppers, spraying should be done when an average of 3 live individuals per leaf is seen in 20 leaves, and in cucumber and eggplant, when an average of 5 live individuals per leaf in 10 leaves is seen.

Cotton-Red Spider: To determine the time of struggle, checks are carried out when the plants have 4-6 leaves. If the pest is located only on the edge of the field or locally in it, only these parts should be sprayed. Spraying should be done when an average of 5 live red spiders are seen in the Mediterranean Region and 10 in the Aegean and South East Anatolia Region per leaf.


  • 5 L



Plant Name The Name of the Harmful Organism Application Dose Time Between Last Application and Harvest
Ornamental Plants Leaf gallery

(Liriomyza trifolii)

25 ml/100 L water
Tomato Two-point red spider

(Tetranychus urticae)


25 ml/da

3 days
Cotton Two-point red spider

(Tetranychus urticae)

50 ml/da 21 days
Pepper (greenhouse) Red spiders

(Tetranychus spp.)

25 ml/100 L water 3 days
Cucumber (greenhouse) Red spiders

(Tetranychus spp.)

25 ml/100 L water 3 days
Eggplant (greenhouse) Two-point red spider

(Tetranychus urticae)

25 ml/100 L water 3 days
Strawberry Two-point red spider

(Tetranychus urticae)

25 ml/100 L water 3 days


  • Read the label first.
  • Do not use at home
  • Keep away from children, food and animal feed.
  • During the application of the plant protection product, do not eat, drink, smoke anything.
  • Do not let people and animals into the field where the plant protection product is applied for 1 day.
  • To avoid risks to human and environmental health, use as recommended and in the recommended dose.

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